Individualized case management is provided for every Human Trafficking victim.  This includes assistance with healing, advocacy, and goal setting/management.

Our Human Trafficking Multidisciplinary Team meets quarterly.  This team works as a 24 hour crisis team, and can be activated anytime a human trafficking victim is found.  This trusted network works quickly and efficiently to best serve the individual in a collaborative way, to reduce risk of increased trauma.

What is Human Trafficking?  

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to lure victims and force them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. While human trafficking knows no boundaries of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, or education, traffickers typically look for people who are vulnerable for reasons such as psychological or emotional trauma, economic hardship, lack of a social safety net, natural disasters, or political instability. Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States. Even here in the Triad, human trafficking and victimization follows increasing demand for cheap goods, services, entertainment, and sex.  

If you are interested in more information on Human Trafficking, please contact Jessica Stultz-Human Trafficking Coordinator/Advocate at (336)342-3331 ext. 2830.