November, 2022

Residential guest “Cathy” came into shelter fleeing from a dangerous domestic violence situation. Cathy received supportive services from both our main office and shelter case managers.  During her stay at Freedom House, Cathy was empowered through life skills classes, given resources and given encouragement to live a life free of violence.  Staff gave her valuable resources, such as referrals for therapy, to start her journey in healing. Residential case managers were able to get her furniture through a referral to The Barnabas Network.  Barnabas was able to assist her in furnishing her entire home. She received funds from our housing program to obtain a new safe home free of violence.

Life skills provided Cathy an education about domestic violence and self-worth. She has demonstrated just how strong of a survivor she is, and we have no doubt she will be successful in her new life. Cathy said she wants to one day volunteer so she can help others know they are not alone, and they can also become strong, empowered people and overcome their past victimization.

July, 2022

“Bruce,” a fourteen-year-old boy with special needs was seen at Kaleidoscope Children’s Advocacy Center as a result of several sexual assaults committed by a peer both in the fourteen-year old’s home and at his school in the bathroom.  Bruce’s life and the lives of his family members were threatened while the perpetrator brandished a handgun.  The child had a forensic interview, which led to investigators securing search and arrest warrants on the perpetrator who placed in juvenile detention awaiting trial.  The perpetrator was charged as an adult due to the heinous nature of the crimes.  The victim and his mother received therapy in our office and made incredible progress.

February, 2022

After taking advantage of several agency services for herself and her child, a mother reported that seeing her son smile for the first time in a long time has made such a difference in family dynamics and function.  She said, “because he feels safe and feels that people believe him, he is excelling in school and coming out of his shell at home.  He is gaining much confidence each day.”

October, 2021

“Lorna” is a Spanish-speaking client who was referred by a DSS partner.  Lorna came to the office for assistance in filing a protective order against the father of her child. Lorna described a vicious pattern of abuse and torture.  Her abuser locked her out of the house if she didn’t do as he demanded.  Lorna said sometimes he would not let her leave the house, would take her paychecks, would tell their son that his mother was trash, and would threaten to deport her and her brother. The abuser never gave Lorna keys to the home, so she always had to beg to be let inside. With the assistance of the advocacy team, Lorna was granted a protective order.  Lorna and her son stayed at Freedom House where she received assistance in finding housing.  Mother and son were able to move from the shelter directly into their own safe, secure home.  They also report a closer, more healthy relationship, since leaving the abusive home. Lorna remains in touch, and is so appreciative of Help, Inc. for being there for her.

August, 2021

“Selina” came into our shelter seeking safety from her abuser in another county.  There was a 50B and criminal charges pending in the other county, but her abuser had located her, so she fled to Rockingham County.  Selina stayed at Freedom House until she could establish a new job, home, and safety.  She was put into contact with agencies that would be able to assist her with court advocacy and legal services in her home county, but she received support group, therapy, and case management through Help, Inc.  After a long road, and several months, Selina was able to get permanent housing in a safe community.  Since leaving Freedom House, she has continued therapy, and continued to move forward with legal matters pending in her home county.   Selina is thriving.  Her confidence is increasing, and she is moving forward with great success.

*All clients’ names, details of situations, and locations have been changed.  The services received and the feelings related are factual.  All clients gave permission for us to use their information in this manner.