Forensic Interviews

A sensitive and non-leading interview with a child conducted by a specially trained interviewer.  Interviews are provided to children at the request of Law Enforcement and/or Child Protective Services.


Assessment provided by medical professionals specializing in services for victims of abuse.  Exams are preformed by medical professionals who have been rostered with the Child Medical Evaluation Program.


Crisis intervention, trauma informed individual counseling.  Therapy is available for the victim child and for non-offending family members.  Therapists have been trained in a variety of evidenced based, best practice techniques.


The child advocate provides on-going support, referrals and information to help families access needed services and assist them through the court process.  Advocacy begins as soon as a referral is received and continues as long as the family benefits from it.

Community Education

Kaleidoscope CAC staff are available to provide education on topics pertaining to child abuse (physical, sexual, neglect) as well as information about the CAC and other topics relative to children and the adults who love and protect them.

Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

The MDT is composed of members of Law Enforcement, the Department of Social Services, Mental Health, Kaleidoscope Child Advocacy Center, the District Attorney’s  Office, and a medical representative.  The MDT is involved from the initial report through the remainder of the case.   The purpose of the MDT is to provide and promote coordination and communication among the participating agencies in order to best serve the children and the community.