About the Organization

Help Incorporated:  Center Against Violence, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit agency, provides emergency and ongoing services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking, and elder maltreatment.  Services are structured to prioritize physical safety and equitable access to available resources.  Services include advocacy through law enforcement, judicial, healthcare, and other systems as necessary.

The agency’s clinical programs allow professional emotional support through individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and ongoing support circles.  Both in person and virtual options are available so all survivors can have the tools to protect and grow their psychological safety.  Increased self-esteem and improved clarity are on-going goals.

Education, outreach, and awareness around the crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking, and elder maltreatment, as well as the resulting trauma and its destructive path are integral in ending violence.  General presentations, professional training, social media messages, and traditional media releases bring us closer to our agency’s vision.

Help, Incorporated: Center Against Violence is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to providing services to survivors of violence in Rockingham County. The agency is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and is awarded funding through federal, state, county and private grants. The United Way, various fundraising efforts, individuals, area businesses, faith organizations, and other non-profits also provide financial support for programs and expenses not funded by grants.

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors employ the Executive Director, who is responsible for program development and service delivery, administration and human resource management, community relations, legal compliance related to overall agency function, and reports directly to the Board of Directors.  The Deputy Director is responsible for budget development, financial management, legal compliance related to funding processes, and is accountable to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors. The Financial Manager, Compliance Manager, Director of Family Justice Center/Operations, Director of Children’s Advocacy Center Services, Outreach Director, and the Director of Crisis Services make up the management team.  The team is responsible for ensuring that all client services are rendered in a safe, fair, and empathetic manner.


Our vision is to maintain a community of peace, hope, and justice, free of fear and violence. 

Mission Statement:

Help, Incorporated seeks to: 

Improve the quality of life for victims of sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, and dating violence throughout their lifespan by providing holistic services delivered empathetically to empower victims to make decisions that will enhance safety, increase self-worth, promote positive change, and eventually lead to self-actualization. 

Enhance the community’s awareness of issues surrounding victimization, including the dispelling of myths, and promote collaborative community action efforts to stop victimization.